More than 500 people died in a massive earthquake in Chile on February 27, 2010. Nearly half the country was declared a “catastrophe zone” by the Chilean government. An estimated 500,000 houses were destroyed or damaged along with hospitals, roads and other infrastructure.

CCA’s Response

CCA is focussing on the reconstruction of houses that were destroyed by the earthquake in the cities of Conception, Talca and Curico. This is to round out other work that is being carried out by CCA’s partner in Chile who is addressing needs of food, hygiene kits, temporary shelter materials, income generation, trauma counselling and more.

The response is providing permanent housing to 50 families whose homes were destroyed. These homes will meet or exceed building codes which address earthquake-resistant construction. In the process, an estimated 50 people in the community are also improving their knowledge of seismic construction techniques for use when adding on to their homes.

Partner in Chile

Fundacion de Ayuda Social de las Iglesias Cristianas (FASIC) works for the promotion and defence of human rights. Since 1973, FASIC has actively participated in emergency humanitarian responses in Chile.

Lead Agency

The United Church in Canada is the lead agency for the CCA response in Chile. CCA typically chooses a lead agency based on an agency’s experience and local connections in the country in which the disaster occurred. This enables church organizations without a local connection to use donations and other resources wisely and effectively.

Additional Funding Sources

Through the CCA network, an additional $100,000 was accessed through the Manitoba Government Matching Program for work in Chile.