Mission and Purpose

Driven by a mission to serve populations affected by disasters, and by a desire to seek effectiveness in action, church agencies work together under the banner of Canadian Churches in Action.

CCA members seek to:
  • collaborate on relief programs in order to combine member’s assets, multiply effectiveness and reduce bureaucratic processes on the part of the donors and the recipients and the implementing partners
  • consider responding intentionally to neglected situations that may not be attracting international attention or sufficient funding
  • collaborate and learn from each other and our implementing partners in the area of best practices in order to strengthen our work in responding to disasters
  • engage in advocacy work as appropriate, particularly on issues related to relief and rehabilitation
  • work together on responses which include immediate relief and rehabilitation, and reconstruction when appropriate
  • be a witness for ecumenical responses, working collaboratively to reach common goals.

CCA members proactively seek opportunities to do joint programming. When opportunities arise, the information is quickly shared with other members.

For each CCA initiative, one member agency will take the lead on behalf of all others. That lead agency is responsible for ensuring that due diligence is exercised with respect to reliability, capacity and accountability of the implementing partner. A positive track record in emergency response must be pre-established. The lead agency agrees to share information, reports and updates on the joint initiative, as appropriate.


Canadian church denominations with a mandate for relief and development, and rooted in a denomination, can become a member of CCA by applying in writing to the current CCA chairs.

Membership duties include conducting the business of CCA, sharing information on emerging emergency situations and proposed responses, meeting face-to-face twice a year to review activities and discuss business, and participating in monthly conference calls.