CLWR: After Bopha, 731 new homes in 5 months

Fulgencia Renara received 14 galvanized iron sheets, nails and a hammer to repair her home.  Photo: CLWR

Fulgencia Renara received 14 galvanized iron sheets, nails and a hammer to repair her home. Photo: CLWR

Fulgencia Renara stands in front of her newly repaired home in Mindanao, Philippines. It was almost completely destroyed when Typhoon Bopha crashed through the island on December 4, 2012. A super typhoon with 280km/hour winds, Bopha became the world’s deadliest storm of 2012 and the strongest to hit the Philippines in over 100 years. It left over a thousand people dead, thousands more homeless, power and communications networks were destroyed. A few weeks later, Fulgencia’s home and those of 730 other families have been rebuilt with newer, stronger materials thanks to the quick response by Manitoba Council for International Co-operation (MCIC) and Canadian Churches in Action (CCA) member, Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) working with Habitat for Humanity in the Philippines (HFHP). Originally the project was to help 200 families (1,000 people) repair and rebuild their homes, but with careful planning, accurate on-the-ground assessments and generous donations the scope was expanded. By the end of May 2012, over 4655 men, women and children were living in better homes, 365% above the original target. In the aftermath of the typhoon, CLWR and HFHP, worked closely with the local governments to identify those most in need of shelter. They concentrated their efforts on families living below the poverty line, women-headed households, those living in makeshift shelters as well as families living near geologically high-risk areas or no-build zones. All the repair materials were bought locally and local carpenters were hired to help. The entire reconstruction took only week and each home was carefully inspected before it was certified safe for its inhabitants. For Fulgencia, it meant she and her seven children could return home after weeks of living with her in-laws. It’s given her peace of mind that when the next typhoon hits, her home will be able to withstand the high winds and keep them dry in the drenching rain. Lead agency Canadian Lutheran World Relief Implementing Partner Habitat for Humanity Philippines CCA Supporting Members ADRA Canada (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) ERDO (Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada) Presbyterian World Service and Development Fund (PWSDF) Primate’s World Development and Relief Fund (PWDRF) The United Church of Canada (UCC) World Renew/CRWRC (World Renew)